blow someone's mind

blow someone's mind informal impress or affect someone very strongly.
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  • blow someone's mind — blow someone’s mind informal phrase to impress someone very much, or to make them feel very excited To see him perform on stage just blew my mind. Thesaurus: to make someone feel excited, enthusiastic or impressedsynonym Main entry: blow * * * …   Useful english dictionary

  • blow someone’s mind — 1. tv. to impress someone; to overwhelm someone. □ This hole business just blows my mind. □ Your credentials really blow my mind! 2. tv. [for a drug] to intoxicate someone. □ This stuff will blow your mind …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • blow someone's mind — vb a. to give someone a hallucinogenic drug b. to astound, transport, bamboozle or overwhelm someone, or in some other way to radically and rapidly alter their mood or consciousness. An extension of the first sense. ► We re not out to blow people …   Contemporary slang

  • blow someone's mind — informal impress or otherwise affect someone very strongly. → blow …   English new terms dictionary

  • blow someone's mind — informal to impress someone very much, or to make them feel very excited To see him perform on stage just blew my mind …   English dictionary

  • blow someone's mind — verb To astonish someone, to flabbergast someone. How can I explain all the things I feel? …   Wiktionary

  • blow — Ⅰ. blow [1] ► VERB (past blew; past part. blown) 1) (of wind) move creating an air current. 2) propel or be propelled by the wind. 3) expel air through pursed lips. 4) force air through the mouth into (an instrument) to make a sound …   English terms dictionary

  • blow — blow1 [blō] vi. blew, blown, blowing [ME blowen < OE blawan < IE * bhlē : see BLAST] 1. to move with some force: said of the wind or a current of air 2. to send forth air with or as with the mouth 3. to pant; be breathless …   English World dictionary

  • blow — I. /bloʊ / (say bloh) noun 1. a sudden stroke with hand, fist, or weapon. 2. a sudden shock, or a calamity or reverse. 3. a sudden attack or drastic action. 4. a stroke of the shears made in shearing a sheep. 5. an outcrop of discoloured quartz… …   Australian English dictionary

  • blow — I UK [bləʊ] / US [bloʊ] verb Word forms blow : present tense I/you/we/they blow he/she/it blows present participle blowing past tense blew UK [bluː] / US [blu] past participle blown UK [bləʊn] / US [bloʊn] *** 1) a) [intransitive] if wind or air… …   English dictionary

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